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need help getting started with ccp's

Tony Hefner

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 i'm trying to understand this new ccp pixel stuff. I have the advanced 3.10 software with SS for 8 ccrs. The last 2 years using 132 chanels of regular LOR 16 controllers. I have 6 new ccp controllers to built a new tree. Was looking a going  24 strand tree. I would like to have the tree adeed to my current showes. I cant seem to understand how to draw it up in the visualizer with just a tree and then import it in SS . After watching the tutorials still confused. Should  I progarm the controllers , make a visualizion first. When I look at the tutorial the tree being shown is large compared to what i see on my screen. Im Also using a usb 485 <adapter B model I think> will i need another adpater for the CCP's. and run the older 16's with a older 485. Anything to help will apricated.

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If you want a 24 strand tree made from 12 CCP strings there is a sample sequence and visualization of one in the samples directory. Do the following:


1) Launch SuperStar

2) Click on the File menu and select Open

3) Navigate to the Samples directory

4) Open "Vis_24x25Tree_4RowGlobe_Spirals.sup"


You should see a 24 strand tree with a 4 row globe at the top. Play the sequence and you will see some spiral effects on the tree.


If you want to make a visualization yourself, do the following:

1) Launch the Visualizer

2) Click on the Tree Wizard

    Type of Tree  - 360 Degree,     Counter-Clockwise

    First Bundle Location - Left

    Type of Channel Bundles / Fixtures - CCR Edge to Center / Center To Edge

    Pixels per Bundle - 50

    Number of Bundles / Fixtures - 24

    Density - 1

3) Click on OK

4) If you want to change the size, select the tree and use the handles to resize it

5) Save the file

6) Launch SuperStar

7) Click on File menu and Select "Import Visualization"

8) In the "Import Visualization" dialog box Select Vertical and "wrap around"

9) Import the file you just saved from the visualizer


When you were importing before, you probably had "horizontal" selected and that is why the tree was smaller. For trees you will want to select "vertical".

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