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My streetview on google maps


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Last year on Halloween Day, oct 31,2012, the goggle car drove through my neighborhood. I was in the front yard putting the finishing touches on my 12' spider and 20x20' spiderweb. Both had RGB lights on them.

 It took 6 months but the new picture has now replaced the previous street view. The previous street view was from 2007.



My neighbor was getting his roof repaired from some hail damage we experienced the previous month.



Since i am a corner house, my show has  a nearly 300 degree viewpoint.


My street address is 4217 Greenfinch Drive

Littleton, CO 80126



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The google street car seems to be sneeky.  I found myself and my daughter picking strawberries on our street view.  Guess they updated it this June.  And yes, my entire planter strip is strawberries.  At its peak it produced 300+ pounds of berries.  In recent years pests have taken their toll on the patch.  Now only get 100-150 lbs a year.




Also seems to have been a Wednesday.  It was trash day.

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