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Dancing Santa and Reindeer


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I picked up this set  at a recent yard sale, new in box, for practically nothing.  reindeer spin and mouths move, santa mouth moves and hips sway.  it has four songs pre-built into the circuitry.  It can be set via a switch on santa to either power on by internal motion detector or by a push button inside santa's hand.   Anyone know how I can could hack this so I can control the mouths and the movements within my own sequences?  Was considering adding them to a santa house that I was going to add to my display, but need to be able to control them thru LOR.





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It's hard to tell how big that is, but do a google on "gemmy santa hack" and you may find something similar already done.  I have a 5' Santa taht does the same thing, but never hacked it, and after 8 years, the plastic mechanism is getting a bit worn.  Most of the time it just stands looking out a side-of-the-house bay window, in front of a Christmas tree.

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