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FS: Wire/stick/twig/Holdman trees with red/green/white


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Hey all,


I am making new LED versions of these trees and decided to start from scratch with new trees instead of ripping the lights off of the previous trees.  I have a dozen of these trees commonly referred to as wire, stick, twig, or Holdman trees.  I have these wrapped with white, red, and green mini incandescent lights on white wire.  Eight (8) of the trees are 6' tall trees from Target and four (4) of the trees are 7-1/2' tall trees from Sears.  The 6' tall trees have 600 EACH of red green and white lights.  The 7-1/2' tall trees have 800 EACH of red and green and 1000 of white.


These are too big to ship.  These do fit in the back of my car though, and if we both are willing to drive, we could meet half way...


These trees are used.  They are stored individually wrapped in white sheets.  You can expect when you set them up to have to do some mini light testing... Bulbs come loose, etc.  When they are lit, however, they are a focal point of the show... let me know if you'd like to see videos.  The Sears trees were $100 new and the Target trees were $60.  The white wire mini lights were not the easiest to find (especially green).


I am asking $50 for the 6' trees and $60 for the 7-1/2' trees.  PM me if interested and let me know where you live roughly.


Here are some pictures:






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Sorry everybody, i guess i didn't post MY location! I am on the Atlantic coast of Florida,due east of Orlando

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$50 a piece isnt bad at all with 1800 lights per 6ft tree.  wish you were closer but thats a long drive to meet halfway :)

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You wanting 50 and 60 a piece or 50 and 60 for all?


Each... didn't think I would have to specify that!  Good catch though.

do you want to meet me halfway say Delaware, lol!

I have driven from NYC to here on I95 and I can tell you that Delaware is not half way  ;)

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