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FS: Waterproof Dual PAR38 Flood Light Holders


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I made these out of the highest quality exterior flood light holders I could find.  Cost me around $30 to make each.  I no longer need these so I thought I would try to sell them WITHOUT the bulbs (the bulbs are heavy and would kill shipping, if you are interested in the bulbs, then let me know and we can look at that separately).  I have eighteen (18) of these that I made.  To use them, you put a $1 piece of rebar into the ground and slip the grey rigid plastic pipe over the rebar and aim.  The necks where the bulbs screw in have a rubber gasket seal to prevent water from getting in.  Like I said, these are heavy duty, the body of the flood light holder has a gasket as well for preventing moisture ingress.  The only maintenance I've ever had to do on them is re-tighten the neck fastener when these go out in the yard at the beginning of the lighting season.


I am asking $10 for each.


Here are some pictures:






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