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LOR Controllers and DMX Dongle on one PC

Mr Sir

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Well, I dont want to beat this dying horse intirely to death. However, Iv'e have come quite a ways with DMX and LOR
enough to benchmark what works and what doesnt, but the S3 software is kicking my butt.
In a nutshell (Iv'e covered the perticulars) [see The LOR DMX forum "DLX USING A DONGLE"] thread for backround on this issue. How can the Sequencer run a show off a PC with (1) RS485 adaptor COMM4 connected to (6) LOR Controllers AND (1) ENTTEC Pro adaptor COMM3 connected to (4) DMX devices?  As is, only the Controllers OR the DMX Devices work.

the "network utilities" are very strait forward but this is where I find this either/or condition.


help would greatly appreciated....     

Does S3 v3.5.0 only work ether/or or both ? 

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For what it is worth I ran a DMX King (Entec Pro compatible), 5 LOR Controllers with LOR dongle, E1.31 to J1(12R).  I am by no means a network expert but I just made sure each had it's own COM port and the network address for E1.31 was set.  Everything ran fine and on an OLD laptop.


I will look at later to see which COM ports I actually used.

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What ShaymeT said.....DITTO.   When you plug in a USB device the PC will assign it a COMM port. 


Look in LOR S3 -> Edit -> Preferences -> Network Preferences.   Under LOR tab you should see top line Regular - COMM 4. This should be your LOR USB485 dongle.


Under the DMX tab you should see the serial number of your ENTTEC Pro in one of the Universes you have previously selected.


If not, plug in the Enttec Pro, open the LOR Advanced Network Preferences (as above, and in the DMX tab) select the Universe you need. Click once in the Adapter/IP Address box.  In the pop-up select "Use Adapter" and select your adapter from the pull down menu.  As you indicated you have the Enttec Pro you will also need to select the Protocol (Enttec Pro)from the next pull-down menu.


Close LOR and restart it.



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