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Voltage drop with WS2812B flex stips


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Boy was I wrong!   With the old pixels stuff I had no issues with the 5 meter strips.. The new flex strips I just got from Ray have a huge issue with voltage drop.  First off I am using his controller to test with.  It drops about .8vdc with all white on.  then the strip itself drops about 2vdc or so from front to back.  This makes white at the front and sort of a yellowish color at the end of the strip.  Yellow at the front is orange at the end.. and so on.. Boosting the voltage solves the problem but I have to be careful not to go too high.  As well, not using the power pass thru on his controller helps. 


I chimed in on some thread here a bit ago that I can't find now saying that the 5 meter strips where not a problem with a single end feed.  And truly it is not a "problem" unless you consider color balance an issue.  Easily fixed but injecting power at both ends, but not something that should have to be done.


I apologize for anyone that took my word as being correct... I just had not tried the new strips at that point.  

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