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Question about SSS/Visualization mode & Channel usage


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Am I correct to assume that when you are using visualization mode in SSS, every channel from the visualizer file is included in the export sequence from the SSS? I have several non-RGB channels on my visualizer that are being included in the SSS that I have zero intention of using the SSS to edit, yet they are included in the channel count when I export. I am on the threshold of having to upgrade my SSS license to account for these additional non-RGB channels and wanted to make sure my assumptions were correct before going forward with the upgrade.



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When in Visualization mode SuperStar will use every channel that is defined in the visualization. This means that if you only have 2 channels of a 16 channel controller defined in the visualization, then only those 2 channels get added to the channel count.


If there are channels you have defined in your visualization that you do not intend to sequence in SuperStar, then you could delete the fixtures of those channels and save the visualization to a different name and then import that visualization into SuperStar. The exported sequence will still play fine to the visualization that has all the channels in it.


Also, to stay within your channel export limitiation you can sequence your display "piece meal" and just export a portion of the display at a time and then use copy paste to combine them into one sequence. It would be a bit of a pain, but it could be done. The channel export limit is a limitation on the number of channels you can export in one export.

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