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Canada Day Pyromusical and Light Show


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This was our Pyromusical and Light Show. I DID NOT USE LOR FOR FIREWORKS. We used the Wireless Cobra Firing System for the fireworks. Check out my YouTube channel for the full show.

Firestarter- http://youtu.be/hJMlb0vX3Q8

Finale- http://youtu.be/k9VKMozoOVM

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Thanks.. I'm getting excited for our big show in August. I plan to add more light poles and 2 times the amount of pyro. We also have a show stopper surprise planned for the display. If it all goes well, it will look crazy. I'll be sure to post vids.

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cool... I like it but living here in S. California ( Los Angeles County) in a dry zone because we have to many fires here... .I am very limited of what kind if any fire works we are legally allowed to use here... The fine for illegal fire works starts out at about $1,000.00 if they want to push it.

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