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Can the software be run on a Mac?


Kinda... but with some help.

LOR has to use some very low level device drivers to communicate between the computer and the various types of controllers available.  The Windows environment allows them to do this relatively easily... not so much in the Apple world.

Most LOR Apple users use Windows in a virtual environment via Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

A good article showing how well these products work can be found here.

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Can the software be run on a Mac?

I just got this working on my MacBook Pro using VirtualBox. I just tested with my two controllers and it worked great. 


If you have a copy of Windows (I had a copy of XP Pro) you can install I can give you some direction. 

There are some tweaks and "good to know info" that I will be glad to share if you want to go down this path, including using the USB to RJ45 adapter. 


Respond here or PM me.  


What using a Mac buys me - larger screen for sequence work, more reliable hardware and Virtualbox is free!  Virtualbox is a Oracle product, so it has a very solid foundation.

I also run Audacity on it too, but you may need an additional runtime to get it to work. If you don't know about Audacity yet, you will.  


Until LOR ports the software to Mac, this is the only way to get there as far as I am concerned. 

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