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Need to change location of controller, layout is locked - visualizer mode


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Have made my own grid in visualizer. Sequenced the song I intend to use. Exported to Sequence editor. And it' s running right to left instead of left to right. So I go to Layout  to change location of controller but because its running in visualization mode that option is unavailable. Can this be changed I'm running the beta version  3.9.0. Or is there a workaround.





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The settings in the lower part of the Layout dialog box are only used when you are in "CCR Mode." In visualization mode the settings in in the lower part of the Layout dialog box are ignored. In Visualization mode, the location of the controllers is determined by how you have defined the visualization. For example, if you define a CCR in the Visualizer, pixel 1 will be at one end of the CCR and pixel 50 will be at the other end. The end with pixel 1 is the end where the controller should be. If it is not, then draw the CCR in the visualization so that pixel 1 is where your controller is.

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