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ho do you keep your channels in order when bringing the visualation to sse

john fulkerson

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having trouble when I add something in the visualizer then bring it to the super star it places the props all over the place instead of in a row like they appear in visualizer how do you keep them straight because I have already sequenced some parts and when I add props save it then bring it into super star, the lights flash randomly in the wrong places because something has moved the new props into other lines on the sse screen is there a way to keep them in the row I want in the sseditor  the ccr tree stays on the bottom and the star stays on the top but the rest becomes random for instance I have a 8 line dumb tree  shows up with 8 lines in sse but when I add props it puts them in the same line or other random places  hope I explained this correctly  lol

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it seems in visualizer if they wind up on the same line as something other the colors get mixed between different props  that needs attention it should be that any prop has its own line when transfer to sse unless you want it to share the same sequencing line

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