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My new prop; 10 x 25 Pixburst

Ron Boyd

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My pixels came from Ray Wu. The controller is Sandevices. Along with this burst I'm doing a 16 leg by 50 pixel tree for less than $500. Using LOR pixels, well you do the math. Way too rich for my blood. Its really a no brainer. Now, I am losing the customer support and warranty, but saving, literally, thousands of $$$, I'll take my chances. I still have a bunch of LOR stuff including several sets of pixels and plan on staying right where I am. When my display outgrows LOR, I'll move on to something else. I love LOR, but lets face it, the software now is for LEDs and the dinosaur incandescents (no offense to you if you still use incans). It just wont handle the major jump in channels for the ones of us that are making the change-over to pixels. Im moving from 1200+ channels from last year to 5000+ this year. I know how long mine takes to convert and load, i cant imagine what the displays with over 20k channels are going through. Its been proven several times over by crashing PCs, long load times, etc. I just hope that the program is reworked to handle the channel load.

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