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Blinding lights for climatic parts of sequence


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I want to set up 8-12 blinding lights that will be white and super bright at the climatic parts of songs but don't know what to use. I prefer LEDs to keep the wattage though if possible. I bought a 30w LED flood to sample but there is a 1/2 second delay for each time it fires that I'd rather not deal with. Any ideas?


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Since you won't have the lights on for very long, go with regular incandescent floods. Energy savings will be microscopic.


It's cheap and simple, just like Kevin did in his



Get the most bang for the buck.

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Do you have a DC controller?  If yes, eliminate the internal guts and run it from a DC controller.  You will probably need a 36V power supply.  With this setup you will have full control of your led.

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