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Issue with RF-V4


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I just got my remote units and I am so excited but as I tested my units I get into a sequence (very basic), the RF-V4 LED1 and LED2 begin flashing in sequense led 3 is off and the remote unit losses it link. I have it connected to a CTB08. I just got the two CTB08 units and I am not sure if I need to update firmware on the 08 or the rf. This happens in the Hardware Utility as well. I have switched the two RF-V4 back and form and switched cables but it does not resolve the issue. I have switch which CTB08 is the remote device and the unit goes into the double flashing mode about 8-25 seconds in.

When I unplug the CTB08 from the computer, the RF-V4 stops the double flashing.

I am connected vis the RS-232 connector not the USB.

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The problem is most likely a lack of power for the transmitter. Here is an excerpt from the users guide:

[align=left]Power Considerations[/align]

[align=left]1. Any LOR controller can power the RF-V4 as a receiver.[/align]

[align=left]2. Any two LOR controllers can power the RFV4 as a transmitter. Remember to limit the maximum total length of Cat5 cable between the two nearest controllers and the RF-V4 to 25’.[/align]

[align=left]3. A single CTB16DV3 or later based controller can power the RF-V4 as a transmitter.( V3 = version 3, see the silk-screening on the circuit board to the right of the transformer)[/align]


[align=left]In in short, it takes more than one 8 channel controller to power the RF-V4 as a transmitter.[/align]

[align=left]You could try setting the power level on the RF units to the lowest power setting. They will still transmit a reasonable distance and will use much less power. [/align]

[align=left]The units can be returned if you are not satisfied. [/align]


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