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I'm looking to change my Halloween show this year.  In the past it had been music with lyrics and lights synced to it.  This year, I want to use mostly "theme" music(Nox Arcanna) with a few real songs.  Does anyone have any ideas how to mix the two fluidly?

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I use a lot of Midnight Syndicate music {just a small vocal in some, mostly instrumentals} and I intermix the singing/lyrical songs by sometimes trying to do 2 instrumentals, 1 singing, 2 instrumentals to try and even it out, although sometimes depending on the song or instrumental it could be 2 singing 1 instrumental, singing and back to 2 instrumental to 1 singing in between.  Again depending on the theme of the song, there may be areas where I have very similar songs together, these could be instrumentals or vocals.  Some areas of my Halloween show may have 3 to 5 vocals then back to 2 instrumentals to 1 vocal tract.    But it all is in your taste and how you want to do it.


There is no right or wrong way, it all boils down to how YOU want to set it up.   But just giving you how I manage mine and this is for both my Halloween and Christmas displays.


Best of Luck and most of all have fun with it!

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