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How far apart to punch holes in Coro?

Mike E

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Getting started with creating my own design in a 4x6 piece of black coro.

This is not a kit... I've created my own figure (a snowman) that can sing/talk.


Question is... how far apart have some of you made holes in coro to allow the figure to look pleasing to the eye?  1", 3/4", etc.


If you have a coro face, how far apart are your lights?


I plan to use LED M5 mini lights.


I am playing around with a piece of coro and lights but wanted to get a little feedback from veterans.


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I didn't make them, but my coro arches have a 9/16" and 13/16" spacing in some areas and up to 1" spacing in other areas.  These are populated with mini incans, but will be changed over to M5 LED's at some point.   And I'm thinking of making some Coro Tombstones and depending on the light{LED} strand bulb count will probably decide my hole spacing.

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I usually do mine at about an inch.  Although sometimes I will stretch it out a little to avoid having to put a single light in somewhere at the end of a string of lights.

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Thanks for the responses.

3/4" to 1" seems to be what I'm finding. I figure the larger outline areas that are done with white light can be farther apart. I may do areas with color a bit closer.

Here is a pic of my transferring my design to large paper before I apply it to the back of my coro:


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