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120v RGB Dumb Strips?


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I was looking for a way to use my current LOR controller to run 120v LED strips -- are there 120v RGB "dumb" strips, and is it possible to run one of those using a standard CTB16 controller?  I have seen the options to use 12v strips and a DC controller, but was trying to not buy more controllers -- not sure if it will be economical or even doable, but wanted to see if anyone knew of a way.



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usually led or rgb strips are 5 or 12 volt not 120  dumb or smart  now there are 120volt led lights but they don't change color

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You might find it to be a good investment; DC controller for $100, power supply for $30, case+wiring for $30; total $160 to control five strings of RGB lights. Here's how someone put it all together.


You can shop several places for the dumb RGB strips; there are excellent vendors out there.


Soon, LOR may announce a new DC controller for RGB lights.



Later on when you want a more advanced display, there's smart strips and pixels to make your heart go pitter patter.

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