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Rainy Trees for Trade!


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I am working with a shop to polish off the final production process for the Rainy Trees. ( http://sdrv.ms/12vQTMg )   As a part of the test run, I will have at least two possibly three 4 foot Rainy Trees available in the next few weeks that will need homes.  As a way to give back I will be willing to trade these trees with their posts, center post joining pin and bases, straight across for equipment. To give you a cost idea I'd normally I'd sell these for $39 per branch set (center hub, branches and fasteners).  The center pin, post and base would be $40 more so in total you'd be looking at a value of $235 plus I'll throw in shipping to the lower 48 (about $32).  Making a total value of $267.00 The only difference between these trees and the final production models will be that the aluminum won't be anodized.


So what am I looking for in TRADE?


Used equipment is fine (but if you really want to splurge I'll accept new equipment too ;))



Easy Light Linkers

RGB equipment

LOR controllers  (They need to be working condition with housing and cords)

Or I'd be willing to consider anything else you might want to trade like gobs and gobs of LED's

(Light related please, no spare children, I have enough of those :blink: )


(Get Creative, maybe buy something thing for a lesser price from someone else and then trade it up to me for a tree. By all means lets have some fun.)


-Matt Ross






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