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3D house mapping


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can anyone give me any info on this .Does this really work, and can you use any projector 

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You should go over to the doityourselfchristmas site and look up Angus40. He has been posting a whole bunch of stuff.


Most of his stuff is in the creating stages (using after effects and other items)


I have looked into the process and I tried fooling around with Resolume 4

 with okay results, but the price tag on that thing is pretty steep.... And I have no clue what I am doing with after effects..... But,The main problem is the projector. If you are looking for the same results as the big name 3D mappings like the ukrainian independence day:
 then you may be dissapointed. Those guys use expensive projectors with tens of thousands of lumens. A barco projector can run you over 9K on ebay up to 150k!!!!! I may be wrong. but I believe they used 40 barco projectors. My video was a lame 2K lumens projector and I can't even use it in my display because the streetlight drowns it out, that is why I switched to the pixel matrix!


But if you are interested, I would get in touch with angus 40.


Good luck! And if you have some sort of epiphany, please share!


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I just started messing around with 3d mapping.  Here is my first effort from last year at a local museum.  Could have been better.  Oh well......


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