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Nutcracker 3.0.11 released. Text can now be rotated


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With this release you can rotate the text.


Two new sliders have been added.


Top Slider. This has always been three and allows you to adjust text in a vertical direction

Left Slide. *NEW* It will adjust text left and right. You can use this when doing up or down text that has been rotated.


Direction: up,down,left,right. none. This slider has always been here

Rotation Degrees: *NEW* . This slider selects text rotation of 0,90,180,270




Some known bugs:

When you have text going up/down and is rotated the text is not scrolling long enough (in my opinion), i will fix this.
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sean i know its just me but id like to be able to have colored backrounds with text

That is available now.
Put text into effect 1 and colorwash into effect 2
now select that you want to average the two effects
It will look like this
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