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RunDll error


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You'll find this is probably going to be a very pesky error to track down.  Simply, there's a missing or corrupted file that the computer needs to execute an application instruction.  


Unfortunately, the error could stem from just about any software you may be running either in the foreground, or background.   The foreground is a software app that you are working with, and the background is any software performing transparent operations behind the scenes such as anti-virus, etc.    Typically there's more language the computer gives to you in to the .dll error message that will help you track it down.   You need to get that exact language from the error message in it's entirety.


Most often, this problem is created when a program didn't install properly, when there are conflicts between two software packages, or worse, when you delete am unwanted software and when it removes itself it deletes a .dll file it was sharing with another application.  


Here's a fairly decent site that tries to help with this exact type of issue.    http://www.delete-computer-history.com/rundll-error.html

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Can anyone tell me what this is and is there a fix for it thank you

What program are you running or trying to load/run when you get this error?  If it's LOR, it might be you haven't installed all the files needed for them to work seamlessly together. 


Dang, for the life me I just can't think of it at the moment, but there is an extra step to installing the LOR files and having them work together.    After you have everything installed from the basic install, there is one other thing you need to do, but it's been so long ago I can't recall what that step is, or was.


Just know if this particular step is omitted or not done, you can get that error when trying to run the LOR software and it won't function..


Hopefully someone can refresh my, and others memory what that extra step is, because if you don't do that step, you can run into this issue as well.


But not knowing what you're installing, makes it anyones guess as to why you are receiving that error message.

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this is what I get  RUDLL           there was a problem starting     C:/USERS\BLAIR\APP DATA\ROAMING\ANEXPI:DLL     the specified module could not be found         happens sometimes when I click on email or internet the cusor  turns to a blue circle keeps going around and around  then I have to shut the computer down and start over

                                     any ideas  how to fix   thank you       

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That narrows it down a bit, but isn't the smoking gun we were hoping for that points directly to your problem. 



Q1: Do you remember uninstalling any software recently?

Q2: Have you downloaded & installed any software recently?

Q3: What email program are you using and have you made any changes in your email settings lately?

Q4: What antivirus software are you running right now?

Q5: What operating system are you running?


1. Just for giggles, make sure you update your antivirus with the most recent definitions and do a full scan.  Lets rule out a computer virus which can also give you this problem.


2. Click Start, and then where it either says "Run" or "Search Programs and Files" depending on your operating system, type “services.msc” and press Enter to bring up the file.  Click on it to get to the "Services Management window".    Then you will see a list of processes.  Are any of these services indicating an unusual indication?

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