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I'm having trouble with "Create Timings". I have loaded "Christmas Eve Sarajevo" and have created timings, but the beat gets off almost immediately (falls behind). I can get around it if I need to, but the little yellow beat marks would be very handy (if they were accurate, or even close).


Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the "Create Timings", or a way to edit the timings or even do something like "Beat Wizard"?

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When SuperStar analyzes an audio file, it looks for a regular beat throughout the whole song. The end result is that the beat marks will be close to the same spacing throughout the song. In the case of "christmas eve sarajevo" the first 33 seconds of the song has a different beat than the rest of the song. After the 33 second mark you should find that the yellow marks accurately mark the beat.


There is no adjustment you can make in SuperStar to change how it looks for the beat, and there is no "beat wizard." But you can import beat channels that you have created in the Sequence Editor. There are instructions on how to do this in the Help file. Do the following:

1) click on the Help menu and select "Contents"

2) In the list of help topics, click on "SuperStar Sequencer"

3) In the expanded list, click on "Custom Sequences"

4) Click on "Import a timing grid and up to 3 channels"

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