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Spiral Tree

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I have been studying the spiral tree found in the Samples folder.


I understand the characteristics of a morph as follows:

1a indicates the starting pixel of a strand.

1b indicates the ending pixel of a strand.


If you want the lights to cover multiple horizontal or vertical pixels then you use 2a and 2b.

When I use 1a-1b and 2a-2b the color fills in.


But on the spirals.sup the colors do not fill in between 1a-1b.  I guess this is how the tree does a spiraling motion.

But what are the steps to do this.  Every time I try, I always get the color between 1a and 1b.


I hope this is clear.

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Think of 1a-1b as defining a line that marks where the morph starts. 2a-2b marks where the morph ends. The morph has a head and a tail. The head defaults to being 1 pixel wide. The tail defaults to being 1 second long.


To do the spirals, set the tail to 0 seconds, which means you don't want a tail. Then the morph will be a line that moves from 1a-1b to 2a-2b. This will do the spiral. The spiral is simply a line slanted at a 45 degree angle that is moving horizontally across the pixels.

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