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Help! I read the past postings on here about transferring LOR files but it is still not working for me. I saved the LOR file to my flashdrive and when I put it on the laptop the path is wrong. I open the flashdrive in the correct drive and then try to open the LOR file. It takes me to the LOR file I already have on my C: drive.

Any thoughts out there?

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I transfer files all the time from PC to PC and PC to laptop and back the same way. I have found that if you use your windows explorer and transfer the file to the proper folder it will work better. You can still open the sequence from the flash drive in the LOR program but I will do a SAVE AS and then save the file to the proper folder. When you save a sequence or for that matter a folder of your sequences to your hard drive and dont place the files in the proper folder that is where you will have problems. My path is C:Program FilesLight-O-RamaSequences. If you did the install with the defaults it should be the same on your machine. Remember to always save the file or folder in the same location the LOR program defaults to and you wont have any problems.

Another tip for you is to rename each file with a date at the end of the file name. This will help you to track your changes and should anything happen to your file you will always have a backup file that is only a day or a few days old. I ALWAYS backup my programs on the hard drive and a flash drive. I will also put completed sequences on a CD to save in the event of a crash or some other problem happend.


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