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My Totally Fantastic 2012 Show! (A little late)


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Hi people,


This was my second year with LOR, and my first with 32 channels. I wanted to add the following this year:


  • 8-channel Keyboard on the inclined lawn
  • 4-channel Mega Tree
  • 4-channel Exploding Star
  • 4-channel Singing Santa (Face and Ah, Ih, Oh Mouths)
  • Blinders (got too lazy to spread them out...next year!)


I had less time to design and sequence this year, as we are the proud new owners of an 11-month-year old! ...who is now pulling the cables out of my router...one second....Anyway, it was a challenge, but I'm pretty happy with the results. All sequencing was done by hand. I just stood outside  for hours, plugging and unplugging strings to the music until the show was over. Not really, but I did do all the sequencing myself.


And yeah...I used a cell to film these :/, but it was March, and I had to hurry up and get the lights recorded and taken down. It does alright, but it definitely has trouble keeping up with the faster changes. Strobing looks like...on. Anyway, Here goes!


Pop (*NSYNC).


"Older" pop song. I heard on the radio while I was working on my design, and decided it would be fun to sequence. I like how Santa and the "keyboard" turned out here.



12 Days of Christmas (Relient K)


This seemed like a fun, upbeat version to sequence. I tried to keep the sequence a little goofy like the song. Also tried to nail the drums and the fills. Happy with the end of "Day 10", and the airplane that flew into the video.



Nutcracker Christmas (Dubstep)


Dubstep is all the rage with the kids these days, for some reason. I figured I had to do one Christmas-y one. You can find the original song/artist in the video details. I think my audio was a little off when I dubbed in movie maker, but you get the idea. I like how the mega-tree star looks in this one.




As Long As You Love Me (Justin Bieber)


Yeah, yeah, I know, the Biebster. For some reason it just sounded like it would be fun to do. I like how the mega-tree looks during the verses, and the keyboard in the chorus's. (This one is probably blocked if you're on a mobile device. I wrote Justin about it, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet.)



Let me know what you think! Next year, I hope to add more color, and hopefully some CCRs/CCBs!


Here a DB link to all my sequences (not sure if this will work):



Here's last year's post:



Happy Sequencing!

Bah, I guess you'll have to copy-paste to see the last 2 vids?

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So here's my take, and make it be known that I haven't even put up sequenced lights yet...so my opinion is just from an outside perspective at this point.


First, your timings are awesome!  You're light changes to dubstep (and Bieber,...sadly to say) are fantastic!  Better than most I've watched....they're right on and where they should be.


But at the same time, you're fixtures done seem to work together.  It just seems to me like like you had 32 channel's, so you took 32 strings and made them each a channel.  Whereas (if you had the resources) you could have broken up your roof lines into a couple channels each and made it much smoother! Left to rights and such...


All together I really liked what you put together!  More so than what ever video pops up first of "Christmas light Dubstep"...you actually took some time to try to do it correctly.


Two thumbs up from me!  I hope my sequencing is as spot on as yours next year!

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Thanks for your input!


I try hard to nail the "feel" of the music in each sequence. In retrospect, I don't know why I choose that Bieber song. There just wasn't a stand out "2012 Pop" song last year, like Party Rock Anthem in 2011. The kids liked it though :)


Hmm...I agree with what you're saying about the "continuity". That's what I was hoping to get from the lawn lights, but needed it more throughout. If I have the time (and resources) next year, I may try to break up the roof icicles into more separate channels, for chases and such. More channels the Mega Tree and the house in general.


Of course, if I can get a few CCRs/CCBs all over the house, they should satisfy that requirement too.


Thanks again!

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Did you make your singing santa face?  Do you think you could give me a tip on how to do that!  I liked all your videos :)  Nice set up! 

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