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Using Wedding Lighting budget towards my light show (sneaky)


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Hey everyone I am getting married in July and looking at doing a nice up lighting setup in the reception room. Real classy look. 


I found DMX lights I can rent instead of paying the DJ a lot more to do it. Then I thought well what if I buy something just as good and be able to control it in my LED Light show. at home.


Anyone have a good option for me that's cheap that would resemble the performance of the Chauvet SlimPar 56 LED Light: http://www.chauvetlighting.com/slim-par-56.html (They are 99 to buy ~25 to rent each.) Don't look waterproof though. 



Would this give me similiar performance?


Problem is that it has to kinda look clean and not sure what power options I have at the reception room. The rentals may be the easy don't screw it up option. But it's light money I won't see again. 


Any thoughts? 






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congrats on your up and coming wedding.....Like your sneaky ways....... a man after my own heart!!!!!!  And my opinion is that the holiday coro unit is no where as robust as the chauvet unit........If you decide to go with the chauvet unit all you would need is a cheap clear plastic cover to keep it waterproof for your Christmas Display

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There are LED uplights that are battery powered and controllable with wireless DMX; just put them where you want and set the DMX address. No wires.


These are designed for indoor use only.



These can be controlled with LOR's S3 (the Advanced version) or there's other third party software out there also.


But since this is a Light-o-Rama forum, I'd recommend the Advanced version of S3.

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