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Importing from superstar (more than 24 ccr )


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Current setup

48 LOR channels

360 pixels

Soon to add

24 x 50 pixel strips ( matrix)

I'm planning on hand sequencing the 48 regular channels and then using the SSS for the pixels and matrix

With SSS can I create a sequence for just the matrix and import that into S3.... and the separately create another sequence for the other 360 pixels and import into that same S3 sequence ( remember matrix alone is at the channel limit of SSS)

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You can do a Sub-Sequence...everything I created int SS and export I then just add it as a Sub Sequence in my main (Normal Channel) sequence.


In the sequence Editor open up your sequence, then add a new channel...under Device Type select "sequence" then under "sequence browse for you exported SuperStar sequence..and voila!!  When your original "Normal Channel" sequence is added to a show and played, the Sub-Sequence plays also!!


Even for your deaf listeners!! :ph34r:


I do this so my main sequence isn't all huge with 1800 channels of 12 CCR's.

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As jimswinder mentioned, you can export the sequence and play it as a Sub-sequence. You can also use copy/paste to combine the sequences. There is a tutorial on both methods, go to the lightorama main page, click on Support, then click on Video Tutorials. The superstar tutorials are at the bottom, look for "Getting your superstar sequences into your main sequences"


Also, you can sequence your other 48 channels in SuperStar as well, then all of the sequence will be together from the beginning. You can sequence all of your lights by making a visualization of all the lights and then click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization." You can then apply scenes and morphs to your other lights as well. It will take some getting used to, but it is a faster way to sequence once you get onto it.

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What errors or warnings are you getting? Are you getting them in the Visualizer or when importing into SuperStar?

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