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Easy Pixel Setup ZIP for 4 Universes of 12X50 Count Strings


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Hey Everyone!


Here's some templates to help you on your pixel adventures.

All the taste and half the calories! which pretty much equates to all the fun and none of the work :)


This zip will allow you to sequence in super star using third party hardware and export back to visualizer.  (assuming you have a super star license of course!).

Will work with DMX or the new standard E1.31 (DMX over ethernet).


These are for 50 Count RGB PIXEL strings or ribbons. 150 DMX channels per string.


I'm hoping to do some pixels myself this year. Leaning toward the Joshua 1 Systems E1.31 stuff and some pixels from Ray Wu.


To make it easy to sequence, I made up some files I would like to share with the community.


There seems to be a lot of people having trouble with building props, visualizer files, setting up channels etc...


This pack should make it a little easier and give you some insight.


It will allow you to sequence a 12x50 grid of RGB pixel strings in super star and then export out of super star into the visualizer with channels and names in place.


I've also included single string props so you can add them to YOUR visualizer files and build tree's, signs, outline houses etc..

  • String 1: Universe 1 Channels 1-150
  • String 2: Universe 1 Channels 151-300
  • String 3: Universe 1 Channels 301-450
  • String 4: Universe 2 Channels 1-150
  • String 5: Universe 2 Channels 151-300
  • String 6: Universe 2 Channels 301-450
  • String 7: Universe 3 Channels 1-150
  • String 8: Universe 3 Channels 151-300
  • String 9: Universe 3 Channels 301-450
  • String 10: Universe 4 Channels 1-150
  • String 11: Universe 4 Channels 151-300
  • String 12: Universe 4 Channels 301-450


I cant upload the file twice on the forums, so look at my post of the same name under LOR Software/E1.31 and LOR S3 to grab the ZIP file.




Hope this helps!


Paul Muad'Dib (Funkymzk)


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Wow, thanks! I did "Import Visualization" using 4_Universe_Mega_Pixel_Grid.lee and it worked great!

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Thanx Brian. Not as pretty as your CCR grid in SS, but it works. I noticed I can sequence in CCR mode, than switch to my vis file for verification and export. Works great!


Any chance of adding an export to dmx in the CCR layout. Hint Hint :)



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Adding exporting to DMX is something I am considering. Good chance I will have that in by the summer.

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