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Another Question regarding props and fixtures


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Does anyone know of a program out there that will convert LPF and LFF files to either JPEG or PNG. I want to be able to project my props and fixtures onto Coroplast to create the prop or fixture

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Not directly.  But you could:

  1. Create a new visualizer with no background picture (select background color of white)
  2. Import your fixture or prop
  3. Press 'ALT-Print Screen'
  4. Open Paint (or some other picture editing program)
  5. Edit/Paste

What you'll get is a capture of the entire Visualizer window.  Crop out the part you want and save as JPEG.


If you have the prop/fixture selected when you do the print screen, you'll get the 'dashed outline' version.  If it is unselected, you'll get the 'Lightbulbs' version.

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