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What files to send?


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Hello everyone,

I need to send a visualizer file and the Superstar file that uses it. In looking through the directories the only files I have are the .Lee file on the visualizer and the .sup file for the Superstar file.

Will the recipient be able to use the files in this format?

Can I send them as is or should the be zipped up?

Thanks for the help.


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Whenever sending XML files via eMail (like the ones used in S3), you should always ZIP them up.  Even if you are only sending 1 at a time, or the file is small, ZIPing them (Windows:  Compressed Folder) prevents the file from being corrupted as it bounces through various mail servers.

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Thank you sir, I thought I had read that but was thinking it was in reference to sequences.

So zip up the .Lee and the .sup and I should be good to go.

Appreciate the help


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I personally recommend dropbox to everyone sending/receiving files and its a great way to backup those important LMS sequence files as well as your visualizer.


For those that dont know its free with no spam and creates a folder on your pc that you "drop" files into. It then copies those files to an offsite server for backup as well as every PC that you own that has dropbox installed on it. Perfect for those who sequence on one pc and play their show back from another.


Lastly when it comes to sending files to others all you have to do is right click on the file that is inside your dropbox folder and click share link or copy public link. Then you can e-mail the link, post it in the forums, PM it, etc. That link will only get others to that one file on dropboxes servers and wont show any of your other files.


It could really clean up some threads where folks have shared sequences by posting a link instead of having to e-mail each person who wants a copy of a file.


Download and install it, you wont regret it! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  http://db.tt/nQflKVNk


In the spirit of full disclosure I do get free space if you sign up through the link above, and you will to if you recommend dropbox to others once signed up. ;) So get it and then invite all your friends.

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