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Changing universes to 510 channels when using Wizard?


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I just started using Visualizer this weekend for the first time, and I'm still learning small thing as I go. 

I would like to know, is there any setting or options, where I can change the total number of channels a universe is assigned to end at... Let say instead of 512 channels per universe, I can make it 510 channels per universe.
Thanks to other's sharing their hard work ( Thank you! ).. I imported a (non ccr) 12 string tree (50 pixels per string) file that I am working on right now ..
My (non ccr) 12 strip smart pixel tree, is using 16' strips that have 50 pixels or, 150 dmx channels. I will be using the E682 controller to run the pixels. 
The way I am setting the channels up will be;
String #1, universe -1, ch 01-150    =  (150 ch)
String #2, universe -1, ch 151-300  =  (150 ch)
String #3, universe -1, ch 301-450  =  (150 ch)
String #4, universe -1, ch 451-510 -- continue to -- universe- 2, ch 01-91 =  (150 ch)
String #5, universe -2, ch 92-242   =  (150 ch)
String #6, etc,etc,........
The problem I am having is, if I use the Wizard to add all the universe channels it automatically adds channels 511 & 512. I have gone in and deleted 511 & 512. And so far I have used all 510 channel of universe #1, from Tree Leg 01-P01 to Tree Leg 04-P20. 
But when I try to use the Wizard to start channels 1, 2, & 3, universe #2 with Tree Leg 04-P21, it won't let me... It makes me start at the beginning of Tree Leg 04-P01. 
 { "Prop Properties", and run the #3 Wizard > Run Channel Wizard > Channel Wizard > Step 5" > When the wizard runs out of address for universe > (*) Automatically use the next universe to set up universe that allows you to change the amount of channels you want assign to a universe.} 
I know I could just assign each tree strip it's own universe, but that is not what I want to do. I rather not jump around universes wasting channels, and try to remember later on if I used the universe and channel before or not.
I just didn't know if there was away to change the universe ending channel to a different number, so when using the Channel Wizard set up with 50 pixel strips or strings, the channel count will always end correctly..
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Make it easy on yourself. Make 3 strip universes. Strips 1-3, Universe 1, channels 1-450, and then start Universe 2 on the 4th strip.

Think about it for a second. How are you going to wire it physically when set-up comes around. On a couple of strings, you'll be inserting a wire in the middle of one or two of your strips. If you use 450 ch., 3strips per universe, you will have 12 wires to the tree. The way you're trying to do it, you'll have 12 connections, plus however many strips you have to cut to make the other 60 channels work. To me, that's just a lot of extra work

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Thanks, Vfere863. Works perfect, 16 is what I really needed anyway.  :)





@ Ron Boyd... With the San Devices E682 controller, I would only have one connection per strip. I would have only needed to tell the controller I am using 12 strips with 50 pixels per strip. It would have then automatically removed channel 511 & 512, and assign each channel starting with strip #1 with universe #1 and continue in order so there is no gaps between any of the channels and universes that was needed.



Assigning 12 strips of 50 pixels with the Visualizer = 1800 channels... 12 universes... ( 62 channel (x) 12 universes... 744 channel of mixed universes)


*Assigning 12 strips of 50 pixels with the E682  = 1800 channels... 4 universes... (only needed to go up to channel 90, of universe 4)  


*Only 1/3 of universes was used, that was needed to do that one project.

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You are welcome. You may have to edit the XML in order for it to work properly in the Visualizer.


I am working on a utility that builds these types of props and my next adventure is RGB ARCHES. I am still working on getting these RGB pixel props to load into the Visualizer. It seems the program has some limitations I have not figured out yet.


Maybe I will post the utility once I am comfortable with it.



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Ok, thanks for the info, Victor.

Please keep me updated on your work as it becomes available, it really looks great... As I'm still working with my training wheels on :unsure:   , and need all the help I can find.

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Hi All,


Here is an initial look at the utility I have been writing. It allows users to create different RGB Smart Pixel props that can then be loaded into the LOR Visualizer. I have incorporated some of Sean's Nutcracker effects to give the user an idea of what the prop will look like.


If you get some time watch the video from the link and let me know what you think. The video may lag a bit but the system does run the animation smoothly.





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