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Wish List - Flip a Prop


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This can actually already be done, but it would really be nice if it were a one click event...


I created a 16 pixel Candy Cane prop with the hook facing right.

I was able to duplicate the prop to create 4 - right facing cane.

Along came cane #5 thru 8. These needed to be left facing canes..


Highlight the prop and use the rotation arrow to flip it over 180 degrees.

Then grab the bottom and pull it past the top, drag the bottom down and POOF .. it a left facing cane!!


So .. why the wish list for something we can already do ?


1. A flip button would be 1 click and faster.

2. when you rotate, it take a little finese to put it back exactly where it was

3. You dont have to click and drag to get the exact size back.


Thanks for looking !



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It's already a 1 click operation. Just grab one of the corners and drag it to the other side. One click, hold and drag. You don't have to rotate it.

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Thanks Ron.. I'll try that tonight when I get home ...


Still a flip button would be great .. then you dont have to worry about sneezing when your dragging the mouse .. LOL



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What if you sneeze when you click the flip button? :P


You delete your prop ... :angry:

You gotta HATE when that happens ..

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