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Greetings from Belgium


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First of all greetings from Belgium.

After several years decorating my place, this year I didn’t really knew what to add and ended up not satisfied with my decoration although my wife was. Not being able to control or sequence my lights suddenly became clear and as for most of you I am sure I have decided to step ahead and bring some action into this J Action for the moment is more a challenge but I have a whole year to read that forum, get settled and OMG that’s exciting.

Ordered late December a 16 channel starter kit that should be enough for our place or at least to start. Waited for a little month to have it delivered to Belgium and once customs tax were cleared I could finally put my hands on that LOR controller whoop whoop J You should all have seen my wife face saying what the hell have you bought again :))) As you will guess I have tons of questions and things popping into my mind every five minutes so let’s start from the beginning.

At the moment most of the decoration I have bought so far are these http://www.systemexpo.com/eng/product_cat.htm Discovered last year that the same exist with leds now which I will go for I think to reduce power consumption. Anyone knows/uses these ? Any product to avoid ?

Started by changing the US plugs for Belgian plugs, recycled an old laptop, installed and connected everything and so far everything is working fine. Already started my first show and after watching quite some tutorials and other people achievements I am really having fun and looking forward Christmas 2013 to fire it up. My plan is constantly changing but that’s the beauty of it ;)

My main question and it might be a bit difficult to explain as I am French, I have seen on some people shows that they manage to have some kind of dripping effect on their lights or to be more simple you have a ropelight or something like these http://www.systemexpo.com/eng/prod_sling.htm , is it possible with the controller to have the lights on and off from left to right as an exemple ? Don’t know if I explain myself correctly. Let me know if you don’t understand me I can post a link to what I have seen that will speak for itself.

I have seen also on some video that people manage to have colored ropelights changing from red to blue to yellow. I know this can’t be done with the ones I have at the moment but I was wondering what kind of lights are these and how is it controlled by the LOR ?

I know this can sound already like I want to run before I know how to walk but I really like those effects and this would simply be amazing.

Thanks for all the help and advice you can provide



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