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Adding strips to an existing sequence


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Let's say you have a 12 strip tree and the next year you add 4 more to make it 16. What is the easiest method to change your SuperStar sequence?

For example: Open the Wizards sample file in the SuperStar sample sequences. It has been programmed for only 2 strips. If you go in and add 10 more strips (to equal 12), it puts all the new strips to right side of the existing strips. Now when you play it, it looks messed up.

I guess you can go in and just redraw the morphs in new locations and double some up, but what happens when you have images or text?

Am I missing something?

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This is a good point. My goal is to eventually have sequences that will run well on a variety of displays, but right now a sequence designed for 12 cosmic color ribbons looks best when run on 12 cosmic color ribbons.

When you run a sequence designed for 2 ribbons on a display of 12 ribbons, it only plays to the first 2 ribbons and the rest do nothing. As you mention, images and text have to be designed for a particular number of ribbons.

On some of my sequences I have a 12 CCR version and a 6 CCR version. To make the 6 CCR version look as good as possible it required that I manually rework the effects. There are some things I just couldn't do on the 6 CCRs and I had to come up with something different than the 12 CCR version.

In the most recent release there are some new "Group Modify" features for scenes and morphs that allow you to move a group of scenes or morphs to new locations. This does help in some cases, but it indeed does take some time to rework a sequence for a different number of ribbons.

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Thanks for the reply Brian. I love the program but sometimes feel like I'm not doing things efficiently. Is there a tentative release date for a new version, and will it be a "purchase" from LOR? How about beta testers?

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SuperStar is a part of the S3 suite and thus is purchased from LOR. Contact LOR about being a beta tester. I always welcome more beta testers of SuperStar.

As for the next release date, don't know when that will be. But if there is another release soon, the only changes in SuperStar will be some bug fixes.

In 3-6 months I plan some additional features. They will be announced at that time.

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