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help incorrect checksum for offline registration key


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While updating to 4.9 i get incorrect checksum for offline registration key. I entered step one my name, step two licence key, And then step three entered the licence key again for offline registration. is this correct?

Step 3 asks for the offline registration key, this will be similar to the licence key bla, bla... a box will turn red if incorect. (didnt turn red)

if you do not see an offline registration key form on the computer to be registered, that you have entered your name and licence key on that form, and that you have clicked the "show offline registration key" button.

So where is the "show offline registration key" button?

My verification email says

Your license covers the latest version, 3.9.*. There is no reason to renew your license at this time. ( Iwas updating from 3.4 ) and Max Version: 3.9.* (and any future versions released by March 19, 2013)



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If you're using Internet Explorer for the download, switch to another browser like Firefox.

It took me seven downloads of a file from across the globe before I realized the current version of IE will incorrectly tell you the download completed without errors, but there were several. I have Win7 with all current maintenance.

Switched to Firefox and the first download was perfect. Checksums were what they were supposed to be.

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Cheers Ken

It was getting late here last night so I'd given up on it and the Misses said she wanted to have a look at it. I replied go for it. She said that after she reloaded the setup, a few questions came up and she answered them and now it works. Must of been something with not loading right the first time.

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