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Exporting Visualizer Chanell Configuration?


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Ok, I'm a bonehead. I created a new visualizer design with all the fixtures in my display. The plan was to arrange everything to the visualizer and pull the channel configuration off of the fixtures. It seems that I am not able to do this :( Is it possible? Or must I begin with arranging all the chanels in the SE first, then importing them to the visualizer by using the chanel mapping?

I spend all day working on this yesterday, 320 chanels worth. Then didn't save it. Imported my old configuration file, and messed it all up :/

Yes I know there is a tutorial. I found out AFTER I began working on it. What can I say, I'm a guy. I don't need directions... till something goes wrong lol.

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You might end up re-doing some stuff this round, but shouldn't have any major re-do's after this.

Ok, so I went back and started over again. I have my channel configuration listed in an Excel file, seperated by zones/sections in my display (eg. roof, right side ground, left side ground). After using the same channel configuration for 4 years, I've finally build a new one from scratch. I copy and pasted each display element from the Excel file into each channel in a new sequence, 360 channels. I have 40 channels open due to the layout and position of the controllers, as well as how the channels are grouped by element instead of color.

My old visualizer file worked fine. I ended up adding another 50 props/fixtures to the file. Once I wired the channels to the props, I merged the channel configuration file. I can not believe how well it worked out. Following the stps in the visualizer tutorial, I experienced no issues running the new visualizer. I have to say that once I got going and understood how to buld the elements, the visualizer was easy to understand. I never look forward to changing the channel configuration, but now it won't be so bad if a controller develops a channel issue. Just click on the prop and change the wired location. Change it in the chanel config as well.

This was a 2 day job, probably 20 hours to set up, not counting my original mistake which put me back about 5 hours. This is definitely one thing you need to read the directions to. Pretty happy with it over all. More than that, I have to say that after 5 years with LOR, my future additions will be far easier to incorporate. This visualizer should work well for the next 5 seasons.

Thanks to everyone who asked questions on here, I gaind lots of information to help me complete this.

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