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Yard Layout Tool?


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Hi guys. I've been using pencil and engineering paper but was wondering if anyone used a yard layout application that allowed easy drawing of yard layout before doing all the Visualizer work?

Before I destroyed my writing hand again it dawned on me to ask.


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Yeah, I think it's called a camera! :P:D I just create the elements I want in the visualizer. You can then move them around and resize them to fit your needs.

You can use a pic of your yard and draw in your elements too. I just use a blank background myself.

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Goctha. I am doing that but was wondering about wether anyone used an application almost like a CAD drawing for step before visualizer. For easily mapping layout versus hand drawn. Maybe I am not getting visualizer done easy...it just seems hard to do it that way and then to say....hey I don't like this or that element.

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