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Hello All,

Next year I want to run my normal show at preset times and this will run from my computer. However I want to have another show that if a person pushes a start button it will run a different show on a seperate controller. I have a mini director and I am wondering if that unit will handle the cold temps or is there a better way to do this without a second computer? I plan on programming up some strobes and CCR's to make it look like there are fireworks goiing off for about 15 seconds. Any help or ideas will be greatly appericated.


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Subject to a couple of conditions, you can do this all on the one computer within the main show.


  1. The fireworks sequence is an animation sequence - no sound.
  2. The channels for the fireworks sequence are not included in any other sequences in the main show.
  3. You can install a CTB16 input header on one of your controllers http://store.lightorama.com/ctinco3in.html and wire your start button to one of the input channels.

In the show builder, you then set up the interactive section to play the fireworks sequence as a "magic toy" sequence whenever the button is pressed. I have been doing this for 2-3 years now using buttons adjacent to my donation box which start extra flashing lights at that location whenever a button is pressed. I use 2 buttons for different sequences, but you can use a one or more as required each controlling separate interactive sequences.

With regard to scheduling your main show(s), if you use a number of shows, the interactive buttons would need to be implemented in each show. If there is a period when no show is running, then the interactives will not run. For my show, I simply run a single show as a continuous loop, but it would always be possible to include a "lights off" sequence of the required length in the main show so that the required sequences in the main show started at the required time.

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Has anyone ever worked up an "interactive" display? Something along the lines of a panel of several buttons that would allow people to turn on lights at the touch of the button (and off when they release). Maybe even allow them to go along with the music. Just curious. I bet kids would love it, especially if they got to control a lot of lights at ones. Press button 1 and the all the windows light up, etc.

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I am. I am using my LOR primarily for my year round landscape lighting. I have a bunch of channels that mostly just slowly fade up and down. I also have some other channels that come on when someone opens the front door or walks up close to the front steps. Once the rest of the landscaping project is completed there will be several more detectors to detect someone walking past various places.

As Geoff said, use a Magic Toy interactive sequence group.

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