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Problems with a Pixel Tree


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I developed a pixel (RGB) tree, consisting of 8 strings of 108 pixels each, in Visualizer it is made up of 16 props labeled Tree 1-1B, Tree 1-1T,... Tree 1-8B, Tree 1-8T. The DMX addresses start with the bottom of string Tree 1-1B and go to the top of that string and then over to string two from bottom to top in the same manor all the way through string 8. The T and B in the names are for the top and bottom of the Strings due to the limitation of 64 fixtures for each prop in Visualizer. When I import this to Super Star It makes it 8 ribbons but treats the Tree 1-1B and Tree 1-2B props as ribbon 1 and Tree 1-3B and Tree 1-4B props as string 2 and so forth. How can I get it to make the top and Bottom as of each string as the ribbon? I am running LOR version 3.9.

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Is this a 360 degree type mega tree? Or is it a 2 dimensional tree like my superStar display?

It may be easiest to email the visualization file to brian@superstarlights.com and I will take a look at it. The visualization file ends with .lee and will be located at:

c:\ <your lightorama folder> \ Visualizations \ Editor

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