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Saunders 2012 full show

Al Saunders

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Hey Everyone,

Wanted to share our show with the ones in the know. This is our full show and as you'll see several sequences are prepurchased so I am not taking credit for them. The song "We are Santa's Elves" was programmed by me as well as the voiceover sequences. As The Demented Elf mentions all items/props are handmade by me. I did add the CCR sequences by SuperStar to some of the songs.

All family and friends love the show, now I'd like to see what my peers think. This is our 3rd year of having a show. I took the jump start class with Chuck in Philly and had a great time learning alot. As mentioned above this is our full show so the video runs for a little over 23 minutes so be forwarned it is kinda long.

We will be moving this year so our show will be much different for 2013. We started using some LED's this year and really like the brightness so we will try and convert everything to LED for 2013. I would like to know what everyone thinks, good and bad especially any tips or suggestions.

Hope you enjoy it.


Al & Donna Saunders

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I will admit that I just skimmed through parts of the video, and didn't watch the entire 23 minutes.

That said, the sections I did see looked very good. Even caught a part of Santa's Elves. Well done on all of it!

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Hi Don,

Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you liked what you saw. I thought I'd let everyone know the video is long. I have friends and friends of friends that showed interest in the show so I recorded the whole thing. I'm submitting "We are Santa's Elves" into the contests since that is the only one completely sequenced by me.

I wanted to thank you again for helping me back in November in getting my CCR's to work when I still had the basic plus license. I am the one you had me call late one night. I really appreciated your help as I do all the great info on this forum from eveyone else.



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