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You can save and load pictures (and anything else) by doing the following:

1) Select one or more effects

2) Click on the "Copy" button

3) clicking on the Edit menu and select "Load/Save Clipboard"

4) Use the dialog box to save what you have copied to the clipboard

In the same way, you can later load what you have saved to the clipboard and paste it into your sequence.

There are a few sample image actions that are with the S3 download. Such as a shark fin and bubbles. You can share pictures with others, but orignally all images are drawn free hand as you indicate. I have had many request for the ability to import .jpg files etc, but it wouldn't work. For example, if you wanted an image of a horse, you could get a nice .jpg of a horse that may be something like 200x200 pixels. If you have 12 CCRs, then you have a 12x50 pixel grid to work with. Assuming the horse covers a region that is approximately square, then you have a 12x12 pixel grid on the CCRs to work with. If you have the computer convert the high resolution horse to a grid of 12x12 pixels it would no longer look like a horse.

Expressing a horse in a 12x12 pixel grid is a unique skill that even many artists can't do. It requires that each pixel be placed carefully.

As mentioned, once an image is created it can be easily shared using the "Load/Save Clipboard" dialog box.

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