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I've looked and looked for this setting and I can't find it. I think I have now fidured out what I was doing wrong in the visualizer. I built my pixel tree ( a number of times), but I had it at 50 in the length. I am going to be using 6 controllers and have the properties set at edge to center and center to edge. I did a number of morphing sequences using the longer length. I guess I will have to redo them all so they will fill my tree, But I can't find the dual normal.


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"dual normal" is a controller configuration setting you set from the Hardware Utility.

As for the tree wizard, these are the settings I use:


Base Width: 100 Top Width: 11 Height: 150

Type of Tree

360 Degreee Counter Clockwise

First Bundle Location:


Type of Channel Bundles / Fixtures

CCR Edge to Center/Center To Edge

Pixels Per Bundle (CCR) 25

Number of Bundles / Fixtures 24

Also, the bulb size defaults to 2. I like to make the bulb size a little bigger. You do this by double clicking on the Prop in the prop list. Then in the Prop Properties dialog box click on the "Fixuture Properties" tab. Set Strings/Single Bulbs/CCRs Size to something like 4.

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Brian, I did set my tree up as above. Imported it into SS but, set it to 25. Did my sequence. Exported it to the LOR sequence editor and I would get a error in the simulation saying it wasn't 50 pixels. I import it angain and set it to 50 pixels, but the LOR simulator didn't show the top portition of the tree. But it would run. What have I done wrong?

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I just got two CB100D DMX controllers. I was reading the manul that came with the controllers and I can't find anything that tells me where the duel normal is located. Where is this located? Is it in the advanced configration? Also, do I have to set this up in DMX? I was hoping to be able to just plug the first controller into my last AC LOR controller with a cat 5 cable.


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You are correct, the "Dual Normal" Unit ID mode was added after the manual was printed.


On page 11 of the manual there is a screen shot of the hardware utility showing the CCR / CCB Configuration screen. There is a box for "Unit ID Mode" and in that box it only shows "Normal (single ID)" and "Legacy (multiple IDs)". In the most recent version of the software there is a third unit ID mode that is called "Dual Normal"


If you don't see "Dual Normal" as an option in your CCR / CCB Configuration screen on your computer, make sure you have v3.9.0.0, if you don't have v3.9.0.0 go to the Software Downloads page on the light-o-rama web site and you can download v3.9.0.0.

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