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My wife has wanted one of these jack o lanterns ever since she saw her first light O rama show of thriller.My question is where and what lights do I use on the frame. I haven't seen how anyone has them run on there frame. Is there anyone out there that can help us. Also I quess I should have said that this is all new to us and we just received our first 16 channel Lor. We can't wait to gt started. Any and all help would be great. Thank You The bensons

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you say "one of these jack o lanterns"...which one are you asking about..do you have a picture?

Do you mean something like this:



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Check out this video of how a person made their face(S) using pegboard, very inforamtive and will explain what you need to know. The guys uses pegboard, brilliant!

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it's the same one you can buy at wireframe dlights.#4

They tend to be 1 of 4 types,

Wire frame with rope or incondecent light (Heavy), many manufactures (I prefer Doug's)

Wood (or pegboard) incndecent light (also heavy and can be water sensative) Make your own

Netting streached over a frame, rope light (light and allows background to show through)

Coro Plast Incondecent (Light Weight water resistant) (I prefer holidaycoro.com)

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