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I want to use the tree wizard to make 3 differant trees, but it seems to be limited to 150" max. I need to make one 15' (180") is there a fix or work-around on this, other then doing each string seperately?

Tom Straub

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Build it at 150" once its in the visualizer select props at top right, grab one of the corner tabs and click, hold and drag to the size you want it.

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Those aren't feet, they are pixels.

Basically you should use the height, width, and upper ring width as ratios. For example, if you have a tree that is twice as tall as it is wide, make height 100, width 50 (or height 150 width 75, or height 10 width 5, etc...etc...etc...)

Once you have the correct ratios in place, create the tree. Then do what Ron suggests - pull a corner until it matches the actual height on your stage.

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