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Nutcracker: Tutorial for newbies


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What: Beginning Nutcracker Tutorial:

When: Thursday, Jan 3rd. 7pm MST (Denver Time)

Summary: We will assume you have never used Nutcracker. This tutorial will take you from nothing to seeing an effect in the sequencer of your choice.

Prerequisite: None


1) How to create an account

2) How to create a target model

3) How to create your first effect

4) How to export Nutcracker into Vixen, LSP, LOR or HLS

5) How to install nutcracker on your local machine

Tutorial will be recorded so if you miss this, you can listen to it later

See you on BigBlue Button conference.

follow these steps:


select cracker in the "Join a meeting"

enter your name, no password is needed

i will open conference at 6:45pm MST, tutorial will start 7:00pm MST

we will also be using http://joinme.com so that you can see my full resolution screen.

I will give out the 9 digit code when we start.

See all of you on the conference.



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