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OK I am a little slow but trying to figure out how to use SS and I understand a little about grids and the x and y coordinates. If I have a 12 ccr tree I think my grid would be 12 across the top and 50 down. So I try to learn about an action image and try to do the smile face in the help section "The default start point (x,y) is (0,0), and the default end point (x,y) is (0,50)." and I have no clue where it is even talking about on the graph and then go down further to find "For the time, select 2.00 to 3.00. For the start point, type (-12, 10) (enter minus twelve so that the start point and end point are different). For the end point, type (12, 10).

I can't just seem to wrap my head around where its really talking about starting and ending on the graph. Can anyone help me understand the x and y grid a little better.

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x,y coordinates can get confusing. And realize that in SuperStar x and y are oriented for a "vertical" display. So it is assumed that the CCRs are vertical.

In a vertical display, x changes as you move left and right, y changes as you go up and down. So the default start point of (0,0) is the top pixel on the left CCR. (0,50) is the bottom pixel on the left CCR. Any image that you draw has an origin at the top left corner of the rectangle that contains the image. So using the default start and end coordinates, it will move an image from the top down to the bottom of the matrix of CCRs. When it starts, the image will be fully visible at the top, then as it moves to (0,50) it will be moved so the origin of the image is at the bottom pixels of the CCRs, which means that all but the top pixels of the image will be below the CCRs.

I know it is confusing. Eventually I would like an interface where you click on the screen to indicate the start and end of where you want to move the image. But right now you have to use the x,y coordinates.

When in doubt, try changing only one of the coordinates and see what that does. Then change another. After some experimentation you will see what each of the coordinates do.

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Well after many hours trying to figure it out it finally hit me. When I draw my image on my tree its not at the x and y coordinates I thought it was but now understand it to be a 0,0. That explained to me how the negative numbers come into play For the start if I want it to come in from the left then its -12, 0 and if I wanted to come in higher on the tree it would be -12, -6. I was looking at it like my x and y coordinates were always fixed on my screen when really 0,0 is determined by where the image is drawn and the grid expands from there. Am I getting closer to under standing it? Have been trying to understand the software and the other day I came up with a really cool effect. It only took me another hour to figure out how I did it in the first place. Its a good thing I enjoy the frustration of learning.

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