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Super Star Sequencer Error -- Newbie


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Instant Sequence uses Theme files to create the sequence. The error says it cannot open the Theme file. The Theme files normally get installed the first time you install or run the S3 software. If you have not yet launched the Sequence Editor, do so and it will first put up a dialog box asking where you want the Light-O-Rama directory to be. It is during this process that the Theme files get installed. If you have already launched the Sequence Editor and you were not asked where you want the Light-O-Rama directory, use explorer to find the following file:

c:\ Program Files \ Light-O-Rama \ LORPost.exe

Double click on LORPost.exe and it will ask you where you want your lightorama directory. After telling it where you want the lightorama directory, launch SuperStar and Instant Sequence should work.

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Thank you!!! That worked! However, I only see movement on the screen, not the actual ccr. Is that supposed to happen? Is it only visible on the ccr itself once save to the sequence? I wanted to see how it looked before I saved it.

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Think of SuperStar as a "front end" to the LOR Sequence Editor. SuperStar does not have the ability to play directly to your CCRs. SuperStar has the ability to Export a file that the LOR Sequence Editor can open and then you plan from the LOR Sequence Editor to your CCRs.

To create the file for the sequence editor, launch SuperStar, click on the File menu and select "Export to Sequence Editor" if you have v3.9.0.0. In versions previous to v3.9.0.0 select "Export".

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