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My first year - 2012


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I survived the first year. Using 104 channels and 23,774 lights. I do have to confess I cheated slightly on the sequecing. I purchased several of Mr. Holdman's sequences and adapted them. So the shows may look/sound slightly familiar. I figured I would spend the first couple of years ironing out the setup, then venture into sequencing from scratch.

Setup went pretty smooth, excpet I need to come up with a better way of setting up the mega tree. It was a bear, because of the strands getting tangled towards the top during setup (it involved lot of cursing). I'll be studying up on that for next year. I have already started planning for next year (wife thinks I'm crazy).

The display did win the neighborhood light contest. The $20 Lowes gift card almost offset the costs :). We did have pretty good traffic considering it was advertised via word of mouth. We had no complaints and only had complements. So I haven't pushed any HOA hot buttons yet.

Winter Wonderland

Music Box Dancer



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Great start? More like seasoned pro!

If you hadn't told me it was your 1st year I'd say you'd been at it for awhile!

I wish I had the financing to go that large my 1st year!!

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Regardless of how you got there, you did. Great setup on year 1. Holdman's sequences were always smooth to me Ive enjoyed them from the first time Ive seen them, to now on your house. As long as you can look at the sequence and next year make your own its a win for everyone.

Great Job, and next year how are you going to go bigger!

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