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A quick sequence question


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hey guys, we have decided to do a tribute to the troops tomorrow night. I bought a CCR and made into a star and have been using the instant sequence. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make the star just use red white and blue colors when using the instant sequence. I have played but haven't had the time to really play so any help would be great.

Thanks , Rob

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Sorry, there is no option to do that. If you had 3 CCRs you can choose Red, for one, White for another and Blue for the other. But with one CCR your best option is to do RGBW by group and then go in and manually delete or modify the green effects.

-Brian Bruderer

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Another questio. I plan on building a mega tree kinda like yours and was wondering how you got it to spiral? I assume it has something to do with the morfing screen. I just loaded the Super Star and was playing around with it last night. I got it to do some great things, but can't figure the spiral.


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In the SuperStar download there are some sample files. Do the following:

1) click on the File menu and select Open

2) navigate to the "Samples" folder

3) select the file "Vis_24x25Tree_4RowGlobe_Spirals.sup"

Play the file and you will see some spirals. It took me a while to figure out how to do it as well. It is simpler than one might think. It is just moving a 45 degree angle line around the mega tree.

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Thanks Brian. I just downloaded the 8 CCR software last night, and was playing with it. I can see how a person can eat up a lot of time playing with it. I have bought everything through WowLights and when I called them about the download, I asked if they would be carrying the CCP's as Light O Rama, and was told in the next few months. I think I'll stick with Wowlights or Light O Rama for these items, as I think they are basically plug and play. I not too good with computers or programming or electrical items. I know I could piece and part thing out, and it would be cheaper, but I'm hoping that I will have less problems with there equipment.

Thanks again for your help.

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